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Property Name Incentive/AggrCapLimit
Property Type Text
Description Aggregate Capacity Limit.

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APS - Net Metering (Arizona) +15 MW
American Samoa - Net Metering (American Samoa) +5% of utility's peak demand
Ames Electric Department - Net Metering (Iowa) +Carried month to month at retail rate, granted to utility after 12 months
Ashland Electric - Net Metering (Oregon) +No limit specified
Aspen Electric - Net Metering (Colorado) +Credited to customer's next bill
Austin Energy - Net Metering (Texas) +No limit specified (program will be re-evaluated after 1% of load is met)
Avista Utilities - Net Metering (Idaho) +0.1% of utility's peak demand in 1996 (in Idaho)


Bowling Green Municipal Utilities - Net Metering (Ohio) +Negotiated with BGMU


CHELCO - Net Metering (Florida) +Carried forward indefinitely as a kWh credit. Unused credit granted to utility if/when the customer discontinues net metering.
City of Brenham - Net Metering (Texas) +Not addressed
City of Danville - Net Metering (Virginia) +Less than 1% of the utility's most recent peak load for all interconnected renewable energy generators
City of St. George - Net Metering (Utah) +No limit specified
City of Tallahassee Utilities - Net Metering (Florida) +Credited at utility's retail rate to customer's next bill; granted to utility at end of 12-month billing cycle
Colorado Springs Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +Monthly carryover
ComEd - Wind & Photovoltaic Generation Program (Illinois) +Purchased monthly at utility's avoided-cost rate, plus an annual incentive payment


Delta-Montrose Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +Credited to the member after every billing cycle
Duke Energy - Net Metering (South Carolina) +0.2% of utility's SC jurisdictional retail peak demand for previous calendar year


EWEB - PV Partners (Oregon) +Excess generation rate is .06181 per kWh; Accounts are manually monitored and trued up on an annual basis.
Empire Electric Association - Net Metering (Colorado) +Utility pays customer at a rate equal to the average cost of power from the utility's wholesale supplier for that year, excluding wholesale power sold to loads billed under the utility’s SCS tariffs


Farmington Electric Utility System - Net Metering (New Mexico) +No limit specified
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative - Net Metering (Florida) +Credited at retail rate and carried over to customer's next bill; purchased by utility at retail rate at end of 12-month period
Fort Collins Utilities - Net Metering (Colorado) +Credited to customer's next bill; granted to utility at end of 12-month billing cycle


Grays Harbor PUD - Net Metering (Washington) +0.25% of utility's 1996 peak demand (increases to 0.5% on 1/1/2014)
Green Mountain Energy Renewable Rewards Program (Texas) +No limit specified
Guam - Net Metering (Guam) +Not addressed
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