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Alum Innovative Exploration Project Geothermal Project +  +
Analysis of Energy, Environmental and Life Cycle Cost Reduction Potential of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) in Hot and Humid Climate Geothermal Project +  +
Application of 2D VSP Imaging Technology to the Targeting of Exploration and Production Wells in a Basin and Range Geothermal System Humboldt House-Rye Patch Geothermal Area Geothermal Project +  +


Complete Fiber/Copper Cable Solution for Long-Term Temperature and Pressure Measurement in Supercritical Reservoirs and EGS Wells Geothermal Project +  +


Development of Design and Simulation Tool for Hybrid Geothermal Heat Pump System Geothermal Project +  +
Development of Exploration Methods for Engineered Geothermal Systems through Integrated Geophysical, Geologic and Geochemical Interpretation. Geothermal Project +  +
Direct Confirmation of Commercial Geothermal Resources in Colorado Geothermal Project +  +


El Paso County Geothermal Electric Generation Project: Innovative Research Technologies Applied to the Geothermal Resource Potential at Ft. Bliss Geothermal Project +  +


High-Temperature Circuit Boards for use in Geothermal Well Monitoring Applications Geothermal Project +http://-  +
High-Temperature-High-Volume Lifting For Enhanced Geothermal Systems Geothermal Project +  +


Innovative Exploration Techniques for Geothermal Assessment at Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico Geothermal Project +  +


Microhole Arrays Drilled With Advanced Abrasive Slurry Jet Technology To Efficiently Exploit Enhanced Geothermal Systems Geothermal Project +  +
Multiparameter Fiber Optic Sensing System for Monitoring Enhanced Geothermal Systems Geothermal Project +  +


Novel Energy Conversion Equipment for Low Temperature Geothermal Resources Geothermal Project +  +


Optimization of hybrid-water/air-cooled condenser in an enhanced turbine geothermal ORC system Geothermal Project +  +


Seismic Technology Adapted to Analyzing and Developing Geothermal Systems Below Surface-Exposed High-Velocity Rocks Geothermal Project +  +
State Geological Survey Contributions to NGDS Data Development, Collection and Maintenance Geothermal Project +  +


The Snake River Geothermal Drilling Project – Innovative Approaches to Geothermal Exploration Geothermal Project +  +


Validation of Innovative Exploration Technologies for Newberry Volcano Geothermal Project +  +