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This is a property of type String. It is equivalent to the well-known foaf:name property.

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AHERC +Tanana River Test Site  +
Aaronbeach +Aaron Beach  +
Ads15 +Amanda D Smith  +
Ajohnson7 +Adam Johnson  +
Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC +Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC  +
Alden Research Laboratory, Inc +Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.  +
Andrruban +Andrew Ruban  +
Angeliecook +Angelie Cook  +
Arondobos +Aron Dobos  +


Barbara Ungari +Barbara Ungari  +
Bbush +Brian W Bush  +
BegichMS +Eric Symmes  +
BertvanDorp +Bert van Dorp  +
Bucknell University +Bucknell University  +


Calpak +Calpak A.E.  +
Chalilozdemir +C.Halil Özdemir  +
Cjauzenne +Clayton Auzenne  +
Colin.mccormick +Colin McCormick  +
Colorado State University Hydrodynamics +Colorado State University  +
Cookjj05 +Jeff Cook  +
Cornell University Hydrodynamics +Cornell University  +
Cwebber +Chris Webber  +


DWC Bot +David Widerhorn  +
Dbgrantham +dbgrantham  +
Dbowers +Joel Bowers  +
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