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Property Name EnvReviewNonInvasiveExploration
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Geothermal/Alaska/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/California/Environment +Developers must comply with the [[California Environmental Quality Act]] (CEQA) when undergoing projects in California. [[California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources]] will be the lead agency for exploration and drilling permits.
RAPID/Geothermal/Colorado/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Federal/Environment +A categorical exclusion is available for all activities covered under a Notice of Intent to Conduct Geophysical Exploration (NOI), subject to extraordinary circumstance review. Where the activity results in an extraordinary circumstance, an EA or EIS is required.
RAPID/Geothermal/Hawaii/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Idaho/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Montana/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Nevada/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/New Mexico/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Oregon/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Texas/Environment +None
RAPID/Geothermal/Utah/Environment +None