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Abatement of Air Pollution: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offset Projects (Connecticut) +Eligible offset projects may be located in any participating state or in any state or other U.S. jurisdiction that has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the commissioner and the appropriate regulatory agencies of all participating states to carry out certain obligations relative to CO2 emissions offset projects.
Acquisition Of Land (Tennessee) +Statewide
Advantage Jobs Incentive Program (Mississippi) +Statewide
Air Emission Regulations for the Prevention, Abatement, and Control of Air Contiminants (Mississippi) +Statewide
Air Emissions Operating Permit Regulations for the Purposes of Title V of the Federal Clean Air Act (Mississippi) +Statewide
Air Pollution Control (Indiana) +Opt-in: Local governments may set more stringent local air pollution control ordinances.
Air Pollution Control (Oklahoma) +Title 252, Chapter 100
Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Authority (Virginia) +Alleghany Highlands
Alternative Energy Zone (Ohio) +Opt-in by individual counties
Alternative Loan Program (Missouri) +Regional Map:
Alternative Renewable Fuels 'Plus' Research and Development Fund (Ontario, Canada) +Ontario, Canada
Antidegration Implementation Methods +Statewide
Arkansas Air Pollution Control Code (Arkansas) +statewide
Arkansas Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Act (Arkansas) +statewide
Atomic Energy and Nuclear Materials Program (Tennesse) +Statewide


Belle Fourche River Compact (South Dakota) +The Belle Fourche River Basin:
Bond and Loan Program (Arkansas) +statewide
Business Incentive Loans and Bonds (Georgia) +All counties in Georgia where the total population is less than 50,000 and the percent of people living in poverty is 10% and greater.


Canadian River Compact (Multiple States) +Canadian River and adjacent lands, in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas
Capacity and Energy Payments to Cogenerators Under PURPA Docket (Georgia) +Statewide
Cavern Protection (Texas) +Caves and adjacent lands
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Programs (Multiple States) +Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay and Tributaries (Maryland) +Chesapeake Bay and surrounding lands
Chesapeake Bay, Drilling for Oil or Gas Prohibited (Virginia) +Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Forest Lands (Maryland) +; Chesapeake Forest, located in Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worchester Counties
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