Property:Distributed Generation/Site Description

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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial-Hotel
  • Commercial-Ice Arena
  • Commercial-High Rise Office
  • Commercial-Low Rise Office
  • Commercial-Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Commercial-Restaurant
  • Commercial-Retail Store
  • Commercial-Supermarket
  • Commercial-Theater
  • Commercial-Other
  • Institutional-Hospital/Health Care
  • Institutional-Nursing Home
  • Institutional-School/University
  • Institutional-Other
  • Residential-Multifamily-Single Building
  • Residential-Multifamily-Multibuilding
  • Residential-Single Family
  • Industrial-Food Processing
  • Industrial-Plastics Processing
  • Industrial-Wood Products
  • Industrial-Other
  • Testing Laboratory
  • Water Utility
  • Other Utility
  • Other

Pages using the property "Distributed Generation/Site Description"

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