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"The Future of Geothermal Energy” and Its Challenges +World Geothermal Congress


A 200 kyr Pleistocene Lacustrine Record from the Valles Caldera Insight: From Environmental Magnetism and Paleomagnetism +New Mexico Geological Society 58th Annual Field Conference
A Case History of Injection Through 1991 at Dixie Valley, Nevada +GRC Annual Meeting
A Code for Geothermal Resources and Reserves Reporting +World Geothermal Congress
A Conceptual Model Approach to the Geophysical Exploration of Permeable Geothermal Reservoirs That Considers Context and Uncertainty +SEG Houston 2009 International Exposition and Annual Meeting
A Coordinated Exploration Program for Geothermal Sources on the Island of Hawaii +Proceedings of the Second U.N. Symposium on the Development and Use of Geothermal Resources
A DOE-Funded Design Study for Pioneer Baseload Application Of an Advanced Geothermal binary Cycle at a Utility Plant in Western Utah +GRC Annual Meeting
A Decade of Colorado Water Supreme Court Water Decisions: 1996-2006 +The Future of Natural Resources Law and Policy
A Hydrothermal Model of the Roosevelt Hot Springs Area, Utah, USA +15th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
A Method for Estimating Undiscovered Geothermal Resources in Nevada and the Great Basin +GRC Annual Meeting
A New 'Geothermal Play Type' Catalog: Streamlining Exploration Decision Making +Thirty-Ninth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
A Preliminary Conceptual Model for the Blue Mountain Geothermal System, Humboldt County, Nevada +World Geothermal Congress
A Preliminary Structural Model for the Blue Mountain Geothermal Field, Humboldt County, Nevada +GRC Annual Meeting
A Protocol for Estimating and Mapping Global EGS Potential +GRC Annual Meeting
A Reexamination of USGS Volumetric “Heat in Place” Method +36th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
A Resource Conceptual Model for the Ngatamariki Geothermal Field Based on Recent Exploration Well Drilling and 3D MT Resistivity Imaging +World Geothermal Congress
A Review of Geothermal Resource Estimation Methodology +35th New Zealand Geothermal Workshop
A Simple, Fast Method of Estimating Fractured Reservoir Geometry from Tracer Tests +GRC Annual Meeting
A model for the shallow thermal regime at Dixie Valley geothermal field +GRC Annual Meeting
Accelerating Investments in the Geothermal Sector, Indonesia (Presentation) +World Geothermal Energy Summit
Active Faulting in the Coso Geothermal Field- Eastern California +GRC Annual Meeting
Advective (heat sweep) geothermal systems +38th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
An EGS Stimulation Experiment Under Low Wellhead Pressures +Stanford Geothermal Conference
An Initial Value of Information (VOI) Framework for Geophysical Data Applied to the Exploration of Geothermal Energy +Thirty-Eighth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
An Isotopic Study of the Coso California Geothermal Area +GRC Annual Meeting
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