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Property Name CertExempt
Property Type Text
Description Used by the RAPID toolkit state level permitting forms.

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RAPID/Hydropower/Alaska/Power Plant +A plant or facility that generates electricity entirely from renewable energy resources (i.e., wind, solar, geothermal, wasteheat recovery, hydrothermal, wave, tidal, river in-stream, or hydropower) is exempt from regulation if: *The plant or facility is first placed into commercial operation on or after the effective date of this subsection and before January 1, 2016 and does not generate more than 65 megawatts of electricity; *The electricity generated by the plant or facility is sold only to one or more electric utilities that are regulated by the Commission; and *The person that constructs, owns, acquires, or operates the plant or facility has not received from the state: (i) a grant that was used to generate the electricity from the renewable energy resources; or (ii) a tax credit related to the generation of electricity from the renewable energy resources. The Commission may also exempt a utility, a class of utilities, or a utility service if the Commission determines that an exemption is in the public interest. [[Alaska - AS 42.05.711 - Exemptions]].
RAPID/Hydropower/Colorado/Power Plant +The utility does not need to apply to the [[Colorado Public Utilities Commission]] for approval of construction and operation of a facility or an extension of a facility, which is in the ordinary course of business. [[Colorado Code of Regulations 4 CCR 723-3, Rules Regulating Electric Utilities|4 CCR 723-3-3205(b)]]. The ordinary course of business includes: *Facilities generating less than 10MW, and *A generating plant remodel, or installation of any equipment, or building space required for pollution control systems. [[Colorado Code of Regulations 4 CCR 723-3, Rules Regulating Electric Utilities]].