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This page is used to coordinate the OpenEI project's plans to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to boost the site's traffic and impact.



  • Optimize pages' TITLE and H1 elements
    • Include keywords (like "energy" in TITLE and H1 elements whenever possible (and appropriate)
    • Usually accomplished via the "DISPLAYTITLE" magic word
  • Include appropriate DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS meta tags in HTML
  • Include specific and descriptive ALT attributes in our image tags
    • Make the ALT attribute as specific as possible (e.g. "NREL Logo" is better than just "Logo")
    • Among other things, this should lead to more traffic via Google Images
    • Usually accomplished by including "alt=..." in our Wiki image syntax. See: Help:Images
  • Highlight important images in our sitemap file(s) (see: [1])
  • Make our pages include RDFa that Google and other search engines will use to power rich snippets (see: [2])
  • Put each page's most important and relevant content as close to the top of its HTML as possible
  • Build external links
    • Encouraging deep links (e.g. links to specific OpenEI article pages) is particularly important
    • Can be accomplished by listing OpenEI in public web directories, contacting the owners of other energy-related websites, bloggers, etc.

Targeted Keywords



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