Northern Rockies Geothermal Region

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Northern Rockies Geothermal Region

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Province is situated in northern Idaho and western Montana and includes folded mountains, fault-bounded uplifts, and volcanics formed during middle Cretaceous to late Eocene mountain period. The region is structtually cojmplex with faulting and folding asociated with eastward thrust faulting. Western Montana and northwestern Wyoming contain large areas of Tertiary volcanic rocks, including smaller localized Quaternary silicic volcanic rocks. Replace Citation[1]


  1.  "Replace Citation"
Geothermal Region Data
State(s) Idaho, Montana

Area 97,538 km²97,538,000,000 m²
37,649.668 mi²
1,049,889,278,200 ft²
116,655,448,000 yd²
24,102,127.49 acres
USGS Resource Estimate for this Region
Identified Mean Potential 70.7 MW70,700 kW
70,700,000 W
70,700,000,000 mW
0.0707 GW
7.07e-5 TW
Undiscovered Mean Potential 391.1 MW391,100 kW
391,100,000 W
391,100,000,000 mW
0.391 GW
3.911e-4 TW
Planned Capacity
Planned Capacity 0 MW0 kW
0 W
0 mW
0 GW
0 TW
Plants Included
in Planned Estimate
Plants with Unknown
Planned Capacity

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