New York's 17th congressional district: Energy Resources

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This page represents a congressional district in New York.

Registered Research Institutions in New York's 17th congressional district

  1. Endeavor Global
  2. GlobalData
  3. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  4. Vencon Management, Inc

Registered Policy Organizations in New York's 17th congressional district

  1. Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN)

Registered Energy Companies in New York's 17th congressional district

  1. 2e Carbon Access
  2. 5 boro biofuel
  3. AIG Global Alternative Energy Practice
  4. Advanced Biomass Gasification Technologies Inc ABGT
  5. Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc
  6. Advanced Solar Power Inc.
  7. AirShares EU Carbon Allowances Fund
  8. Allco Renewable Energy Group Limited LLC
  9. AltPower Inc
  10. Alternative Fuels Vehicle Group
  11. Ambata Capital Partners
  12. American Wind Power Hydrogen LLC
  13. Andlinger Company Inc
  14. Arcadia Windpower Holdings LLC
  15. Ardour Global Indexes LLC
  16. Astonfield Renewable Resources Ltd ARRL
  17. Bluewater Wind LLC
  18. Braemar Energy Ventures
  19. Brazil Ethanol Inc
  20. Bright Power Inc
  21. BrightPath Energy LLC
  23. CO2e Capital Limited
  24. CPower
  25. Caithness Energy LLC
  26. Carbon Credit Capital
  27. Civitas Energy
  28. Cleantech Solutions
  29. Consolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Edison)
  30. Consolidated Edison Inc
  31. Consumer Powerline CPLN
  32. Contour Global L P
  33. Contour Venture Partners
  34. Cora Capital Advisors LLC
  35. DB Climate Change Advisors DBCCA
  36. E Cane Fuel Corporation
  37. EKO Asset Management Partners
  38. EarthRise Capital
  39. Eco Capital LLC
  40. EcoSense Lighting Inc
  41. Elemental Energy LLC
  42. Elemental Power Group LLC
  43. Empire Biofuels LLC
  44. Energy Merchant Marketing EMM
  45. Enernoc (New York)
  46. Environmental Capital Partners LLC
  47. Environmental Defense Fund
  48. Ethanol Extraction Technologies Inc EETI
  49. EverPower Renewables
  50. EverPower Wind Holdings Inc
  51. EverPower Wind LLC
  52. FTL Solar LLC
  53. Fontaine Clean Energy Partners FCEP
  54. Fortistar LLC
  55. GEMZ Corp
  56. GS Carbon Corporation
  57. Gaia Power Technologies
  58. Gateway Energy (formerly Econnergy)
  59. Global Change Associates
  60. Green Exchange
  61. GreenOrder
  62. GreenShift Corporation
  63. GreenTech Research LLC
  64. Greentech Capital Advisors GCA
  65. Hampton Biofuels
  66. Haywood Dorland Energy Capital
  67. Hestia BioEnergy LLC
  68. JP Morgan Inc
  69. Junior Energy
  70. Karbone
  71. Krayn Wind LLC
  72. Medis Technologies Ltd.
  73. Microgy Cogeneration Systems Inc
  74. Mont Vista Capital LLC
  75. NEF Advisors LLC
  76. Nanergy Inc formerly ObjectSoft Corporation
  77. Natsource LLC
  78. Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC
  79. Neuwing Energy
  80. NewWorld Capital Group LLC
  81. Northwinds Advisors LLC
  82. Primafuel
  83. Prime Sun Power
  84. Quadrant Capital Advisors Inc
  85. RecycleBank
  86. Rentricity Inc
  87. Rudd Klein Alternative Energy Ventures LLC aka Phoenix Energy Fund
  88. Solaire Generation
  89. Solar Thin Films Inc formerly American United Global Inc
  90. Solenergis LLC
  91. St Lawrence Energy Corp formerly known as UroMed Corporation
  92. Steven Winters Associates Inc
  93. Sumitomo Corporation of America SCOA
  94. TGI Solar Power Group
  95. TechnoSpin Inc
  96. Terra Solar Global Inc
  97. Terra-Gen Power LLC
  98. The Energy Hedge Fund Center
  99. Think Green Global Inc
  100. Tri State Biodiesel LLC
  101. US Ethanol Holdings
  102. Verdant Power
  103. Waveberg Development Ltd
  104. ZeroPoint Clean Technology Inc

Utility Companies in New York's 17th congressional district

  1. Consolidated Edison Co-NY Inc