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Energy Databus Commercial Partners


Buffalo Software offers Databus Support and Maintenance contracts, Installation of Databus and also offers feature development for new custom databus features. We have some committers on the NREL Energy Databus project and can easily customize and help make the Energy Databus meet your company's needs. We also offer training on Databus as well as certification to ensure your devices work with Databus.

  • Buffalo Software
  • (303) 517-8902


Magpie Software has been at the forefront of developing software for the smart energy industry. From long-time energy companies with established product lines to emerging companies creating new, innovative solutions, Magpie’s smart energy customers are representative of every segment. Our expertise ranges from the creation and support of complex Demand Response, Home Area Network, Energy Management, and Automated Meter Infrastructure applications. We have demonstrated knowledge of standard industry protocols including Zigbee, DNP3, 61850, and MultiSpeak. Magpie also provides Embedded Software development services for new and existing energy systems devices. Magpie is ready and equipped to provide Databus feature development and customization to meet your energy solution needs.

  • Magpie Software
  • (303) 453-8300
  • Fleming Schutrumpf


Setpoint Systems Corporation is a turn-key systems integrator of building control and monitoring systems. Setpoint Systems designed and installed the HVAC network infrastructure at NREL to integrate the building systems data from HVAC, power monitoring, lighting, and other systems for DataBus to gather and analyze data. To learn more about how we can help you with facility systems integration using Databus, please contact us!

  • Setpoint Systems Corporation
  • (303) 733-2300
  • Cory Knopp, Vice President Business Development


Innovative Design Consulting, LLC is dedicated to offering you the best information, products and services. We look forward to providing energy efficient designs that pay you back and help protect our environment.

  • Innovative Design Consulting, LLC
  • (502) 517-5052
  • Joseph Sloan, Owner

Become a Databus partner

If you would like to register as a Databus partner, please send email to with the following information:
  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Company Logo (png or jpg)
  • Phone Contact
  • Email Contact
  • Name of Contact
  • Description of how you are connected with DataBus

To be approved as a Databus partner, you must fill in a description that tells the community about what you are in the stages of developing that will work with Databus or what services/support you offer on or around Databus including products that might work with Databus through the Databus clients.