Mercury Vapor At Olowalu-Ukumehame Canyon Area (Thomas, 1986)

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Exploration Activity: Mercury Vapor At Olowalu-Ukumehame Canyon Area (Thomas, 1986)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Olowalu-Ukumehame Canyon Area
Exploration Technique Mercury Vapor
Activity Date

Usefulness could be useful with more improvements
DOE-funding Unknown

Soil mercury concentration and radon emanometry surveys were conducted along the stream beds in both Olowalu and Ukumehame Canyons and on the coastal alluvial fans (Cox and Cuff, 1981a). The results of these surveys indicated that a few minor -nomalies might be present. However, the extreme topographic relief in the area did not permit sufficient coverage of the area to allow any firm conclusions to be drawn from the small data set generated.


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