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SBE 37-SM MicroCAT

Measurement Category: Oceanographic
Operating Environment: Underwater
Version(s): SBE 37-SM MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder (interal logging), SBE 37-SMP MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder (interal logging), SBE 37-SMP-ODO MicroCAT C-T-ODO (P) Recorder (interal logging), SBE 37-IM MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder (interal logging & Inductive Modem), SBE 37-IMP-ODO MicroCAT C-T-ODO (P) Recorder (interal logging & Inductive Modem), SBE 37-SIP MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder (interal logging & free streaming), SBE 37-SIP-IDO MicroCAT C-T-DO (P) Sensor (interal logging & free streaming)

Operating Mode: Free Streaming, Stand Alone


Instrument Measurements

  • Salinity (Water)
  • Temperature (Water)

Optional Sensors

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

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User Experience

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