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Waste Management Working Group

Publications: Waste Management Working Group

Document Title Year

ISWA Report 2013.pdf ISWA 2013 Report. International Solid Waste Association. 2014
Handshake12 WastePPPs.pdf Waste PPPs. Handshake -International Finance Corporation. 2014
UNEP DTIE Japanese waste english web.pdf The Japanese Industrial Waste experience: Lessons for rapidly industrializing countries. UNEP / DTIE. 2014
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Waste.pdf Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Waste – An Assessment of Quantification Methods. Mohareb, E. et al. 2013
Assessment tech waste Kerala.pdf Assessment of Technological Options for Solid Waste Treatment in Kerala. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. 2013
Atlas of GHG Emission and Energy Potential by Waste Destination in Brazil 2013.pdf Atlas of GHG Emission And Energy Potential by Waste Destination in Brazil. Abrelpe. 2013
Giz2013-swm-operator-models-sourcebook-en.pdf Operator Models. Respecting Diversity. Concepts for Sustainable Waste Management. GIZ. 2013
Waste Article Nature.pdf Waste production must peak this century. Article on Nature. 2013
UNEP ISWA - Background paper Waste and climate change final.pdf Joint thematic paper on waste and climate change. UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC)- International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). 2012
ISWA WtE State of the Art Report 2012 08 FV.pdf Waste to Energy State-of-the-art Report. ISWA 2012
What a waste world bank.pdf WHAT A WASTE - A Global Review of Solid Waste Management. The World Bank. 2012
PB 21E final.pdf Policy Brief - Sustainable Management of Organic Waste: The need for coordinated action at national and local levels. IGES. 2012
Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change through Waste Recycling.pdf Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change through Waste Recycling. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences. 2012
Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2012.pdf Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2012 - Tracking progress towards Kyoto and 2020 targets. European Environment Agency. 2012
MSW updated fact sheet FINAL.pdf Fact Sheet: Mitigating Short-Lived Climate Pollutants from Municipal Solid Waste. Climate and Clean Air Coalition. 2012
Documents-Waste and health.pdf Municipal Solid Waste and Health. Research report for Regional Visions of Integrated Sustainable Infrastructure Optimised for Neighbourhoods (ReVISIONS) CREH, Aberystwyth University. 2012
03 2011 Waste opportunities.pdf Waste opportunities - Past and future climate benefits from better municipal waste management in Europe. European Environment Agency. 2011
04 2011 Trends and projections.pdf Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2011 - Tracking progress towards Kyoto and 2020 targets. European Environment Agency. 2011
ISWA Briefing Note 2011.pdf In the Know - Briefing Note on Climate Change & Waste Management. ISWA GRANT PROJECT. Gary Crawford, ISWA. 2011
ISWA in the know brochure.pdf In the Know - Brochure on Climate Change & Waste Management. ISWA GRANT PROJECT. Gary Crawford, ISWA. 2011
Landfill fs eng.pdf Landfill Methane: Reducing Emissions, Advancing Recovery and Use Opportunities. Global Methane Initiative. 2011
Janya PracticalGuide(final) web edition.pdf Practical Guide For Improved Organic Waste Management: Climate Benefits Through The 3Rs In Developing Asian Countries. Janya Sang-Arun, IGES. 2011
Scotland Zero Waste Plan.pdf Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan - Carbon metric guidance. Scottish Government. 2011
UN ESCAP - factsheet - Carbon Financing and Solid Waste Management.pdf Factsheet: Carbon Financing and Solid Waste Management. UN ESCAP. 2011
WEB ISWA White paper.pdf Waste and Climate Change - ISWA WHITE PAPER. ISWA. 2010
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Comparative study of municipal solid waste treatment technologies using life cycle assessment method. Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure, School of Architecture and Built Environment. 2010
White Paper Waste Climate Change Spanish web.pdf Residuos y Cambio Climático - Libro Blanco de ISWA [Waste and Climate Change - ISWA WHITE PAPER (Spanish)]. ISWA. 2010
Gtz2010-en-foes-economic-instruments-waste-management.pdf Economic Instruments in the Waste Management Sector GIZ. 2010
Waste ClimateChange.pdf Waste and Climate Change - Global Trends and Strategy Framework. UNEP. 2010
Ghg land and materials management.pdf Opportunities to Reduce GHG Emissions through Materials and Land Management Practices. U.S. EPA. 2009
NAMAS CarbonMarket.pdf NAMAs and the Carbon Market - Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions of developing countries. CD4CDM, UNEP Risø Centre. 2009
Bio garbage.pdf The biofuel potential of municipal solid waste. GCB Bioenergy. 2009
Ppp position paper solid waste mgmt 112k9.pdf Position paper on the solid waste management sector in India. Department of Economic Affairs. Ministry of Finance, Government of India. 2009
IPCC WG3 - report - Waste Management, contribution of WG3 to the 4th IPCC Report.pdf Waste Management in Climate Change 2007: Mitigation. Contribution of Working Group III to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. IPCC. 2007
Key Issue Paper on LFG 01.pdf Management of Landfill Gas - ISWA Key Issue Paper. ISWA WG-Landfill. 2007
Global scenarios swm.pdf Global climate change mitigation scenarios for solid waste management. VTT. 2006
SquiresSWMpaper.pdf Public participation in solid waste management in small island developing states . Caribbean Development Bank. 2006