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Upcoming LEDS Events

CESC Webinar: Effective Supply Chains for Energy Access

27 January 2015 09:30 AM EST

This webinar session will showcase a number of innovative supply chain mechanisms that Practitioner Network members have adopted to facilitate scaling decentralized energy solutions. The speakers in this session will showcase their respective organizations’ approach to building effective supply chains and customer delivery mechanisms, discuss and contrast specific geographic contexts, and share their respective challenges and successes to provide collective best practices.

27 January 2015 9:30 a.m. EST | 3:30 p.m. CET

To REGISTER, LEARN MORE, or to CHECK YOUR LOCAL TIME, please visit the following URL:https://cleanenergysolutions.org/training/effective-supply-chains-energy-access [LEDGP.org Page(s): [1]

Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) Third Annual Conference "Fiscal Policies and the Green Economy Transition: Generating Knowledge – Creating Impact

29-30 January 2015

The event is hosted in partnership with the University of Venice, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The GGKP was established by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), UNEP and the World Bank. Fiscal instruments, such as environmental taxes, pollution charges, subsidies for green technologies, green budgeting, and tax incentives can play a crucial role in promoting a green economy by creating needed fiscal space while limiting environmental externalities. The key to successful implementation and political acceptance of fiscal instruments hinges on effective complementary measures, in particular, addressing distributional impacts. For more information please visit: [http://www.greengrowthknowledge.org/conference2015 [LEDGP.org Page(s): [2]

CODATU XVI Conference

2-5 February 2015

This meeting will focus on ‘Energy, Climate and Air Quality Challenges: The Role of Urban Transport Policies in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies'. The conference will include plenary sessions on, inter alia; mitigation actions taken by cities; urban transport and climate change; financing for and optimizing benefits from low-carbon transport; and commitments and initiatives on the way to COP 21 of the UNFCCC in Paris, France. The conference is being organized by Cooperation for Urban Mobility in the Developing World (CODATU). Participants will also learn about, through field visits, Istanbul's public transport system, the Istanbul metro and a bike sharing programme.   For more information please visit: http://climate-l.iisd.org/events/

[LEDGP.org Page(s): [3]

World Bank eLearning Course Climate Finance Essentials: Innovative Finance for the Climate Change Challenge

2-23 February 2015

This course is designed to provide learners with an overview of the critical concepts of climate finance as well as tangible best practices for scaling-up international climate finance to address mitigation and adaptation activities in developing countries. Throughout the course, interactive exercises help participants to test their knowledge and understanding, as well as relate the content to their specific situation. Case studies, reference materials and other helpful resources are highlighted so as to strengthen the learning experience. For more information please visit: http://einstitute.worldbank.org/ei/course/climate-finance-essentials [LEDGP.org Page(s): [4]

15th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS 2015)

5-7 February 2015

The DSDS, organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), is an international platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on all sustainable development-related issues. DSDS will organize the 15th edition of the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS 2015) and will focus on ‘Sustainable Development Goals and Dealing with Climate Change'. The event regularly brings together Heads of State and Government, thought leaders, policy makers and representatives of industry and academia. The DSDS has been held annually since 2001, and over the past 14 years, the Summit has hosted 37 current and former Heads of State, as well as ministers from over 50 countries. The Summit will be preceded by a high-level corporate dialogue on 4 February 2015. For more information please visit: http://asialeds.org/events/15th-delhi-sustainable-development-summit-dsds-2015 [LEDGP.org Page(s): [5]

Resilient Cities Asia 2015

11-13 February 2015

Building on the success of the series ‘Resilient Cities - The Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation’ taking place in Bonn, Germany, since 2010, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is now creating a similar platform in Asia, to provide local governments in the region with access to good practices, initiatives and tools across a variety of themes that will help mainstream resilience considerations into policy and practice. For more information please visit:http://asialeds.org/events/resilient-cities-asia-2015 [LEDGP.org Page(s): [6]

ICLEI World Congress 2015

8 - 12 April 2015 Seoul, Republic of Korea

From 8 – 12 April 2015, global leaders, mayors, city officials, and their partners from around the world will convene at the ICLEI World Congress 2015, in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Together, ICLEI World Congress 2015 participants will address the pressing challenges of climate change, and explore how local action can deliver sustainable solutions for the urban future.

The triennial ICLEI World Congress is the foremost assembly of local governments, and their partners, committed to sustainable urban development. Over five days of sessions and networking, the ICLEI World Congress 2015 will provide strong contributions to the global debates on the Urban Sustainable Development Goal, global climate governance, and the increasing roles of local governments in tackling global challenges. The ICLEI World Congress 2015 will strengthen the bridges between local governments and their partners in international organizations, NGOs and business, while empowering urban decision makers with effective, viable solutions for improved local sustainability.

Please visit the website for registration and further information: worldcongress2015.iclei.org

3rd Global Soil Week

19-23 April 2015

The 3rd Global Soil Week will provide a platform for discussions on issues related to soils and land, and facilitate the emergence of new initiatives and strengthen existing ones. The Week will be composed of workshops on topics that have emerged since the 1st Global Soil Week: carbon land management; soils and water; land rehabilitation; cities; land governance; economics of land and land degradation; land degradation neutral world (LDNW); soil and biomass for non-food purposes; and soils and food security. In addition, the agenda will include dialogues organized by various stakeholders, and lunch break dialogues with presentations on activities, ideas, research and experiences relating to soils and land. The event is hosted by the Global Soil Forum at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), in partnership with several UN agencies, intergovernmental and international organizations and German government agencies.  For more information please visit: www: http://globalsoilweek.org/   [LEDGP.org Page(s): [7]

Asia Clean Energy Forum 2015

16-20 June 2015

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Energy Council (WEC), and the Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) will hold Asia Clean Energy Forum 2015 in Manila during June 15-19, 2015. The course will include pre-forum events like the International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference and the Quantum Leap in Wind Workshop. ACEF 2014’s presentations and workshops brought together a wide range of policymakers, project developers, investors, and technical experts from across the region to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the clean energy sector.

ADB initiated the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) in 2006, with the aim of sharing best practices in policy, technology, and finance to meet the region's climate and energy security challenges.  ACEF is an event, with a mix of pre-forum events, plenary sessions with top-level keynote speakers, panel discussions, and Deep Dive Workshops on specific topics of interest to the Asia Clean Energy Community.   For more information please visit: http://asialeds.org/events/asia-clean-energy-forum-2015 [LEDGP.org Page(s): [8]

Past Events

For information about past events, see past partnership events.