Kenya-GEF Projects

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GEF Climate Projects in Kenya

  1. 1780 Kenya Joint Geophysical Imaging (JGI) Methodology for Geothermal Reservoir Assessment Climate Change UNEP Medium Size Project, GEF Grant-979,059.000, Co-financing total-1,754,264.0 IA Approved
  2. 2870 Kenya Market Transformation for Efficient Biomass Stoves for Institutions and Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises Climate Change UNDP Medium Size Project GEF Grant-975,000.000 Co-financing total-5,646,467.0 IA Approved
  3. 3249 Kenya Adaptation to Climate Change in Arid Lands (KACCAL) Climate Change IBRD Full Size Project, GEF Grant-6,500,000.0 Co-financing total-44,844,681. CEO Endorsed
  4. 2775 Kenya Development and Implementation of a Standards and Labeling Programme in Kenya with Replication in East Africa Climate Change UNDP Full Size Project GEF grant-2,000,000.0 co-financing total-8,760,902.0 IA Approved


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