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International Atomic Energy Agency Feed
IAEA-Facilitated Network to Enhance Cooperation in Nuclear Education and Training in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
<p>With an agreement among 12 universities from six countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the IAEA has facilitated the establishment of a fifth regional network for enhanced cooperation in promoting, building, managing and transferring nuclear knowledge.</p>
2015-10-07 12:30
Scientific Forum 2015: Tracer Technology and the Search for Oil
<p>Ever since oil was first found off the shores of Norway in the 1970s, the country’s economy has seen tremendous growth. To maintain the efficiency of production for the long term, Norway has made extensive use of nuclear techniques.</p>
2015-10-06 08:45
Top Minds in PET-CT and Molecular Imaging Gather in Vienna for Conference
<p>A unique, multidisciplinary conference in nuclear medicine and radiology will open at the IAEA on Monday, with 600 delegates from around the world, a third of them from developing countries.</p>
2015-10-02 17:30
Cancer Care in Tunisia: Changing Perceptions
<p>Cancer isn’t a death sentence. At least not anymore. This is the message Tunisian doctors are delivering to their patients: If detected and treated early, cancer is curable.</p>
2015-10-01 14:00
Comprehensive and Effective National Nuclear Legislation: IAEA Hosts Nuclear Law Institute Programme for Member States
<p>A comprehensive and effective national legal framework is essential for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear technology. Assisting countries in improving their nuclear legal infrastructures was one of the goals of the 2015 Nuclear Law Institute course taking place this week and next.</p>
2015-09-30 15:15
IAEA “much more than just the world’s nuclear watchdog”: Director General at Sustainable Development Summit
<p>Director General Yukiya Amano represented the IAEA at the historic Sustainable Development Summit in New York, where he underlined the importance of nuclear science and technology in achieving the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).</p>
2015-09-29 14:30
Uzbekistan Becomes HEU–Free Following Shipment of Fuel to Russia
<p>Uzbekistan became a country free from high enriched uranium (HEU) on 24 September, with the removal of irradiated liquid HEU fuel from a research reactor located at the Radiation and Technological Complex in Tashkent.</p>
2015-09-28 13:00
How the IAEA Will Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals
<p>The IAEA will play an active part in helping the international community with the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are expected to be adopted at the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Summit in New York this weekend.</p>
2015-09-25 16:00
Scientific Forum 2015: Non-Destructive Testing Helps Malaysia's Competitiveness
<p>Industrial testing using nuclear technology has contributed to the competitiveness of Malaysia’s manufacturing sector, industry players have said.</p>
2015-09-25 11:45
Experts Present the Director General's Report and Technical Volumes on the Fukushima Daiichi Accident
<p>Governments, regulators and nuclear power plant operators can act upon the lessons of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident in 2011 to continuously enhance safety, said experts at a 17 September event held during the IAEA General Conference.</p>
2015-09-25 08:00
Russia’s MEPhI University Joins IAEA-Endorsed Postgraduate Programme in Nuclear Management
<p>The Russian Federation’s National Research Nuclear University (“MEPhI”) will become the second major university to offer an IAEA-endorsed masters programme on nuclear technology management.</p>
2015-09-24 06:00
Nuclear Power Forms an Important Pillar of Many Countries’ Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
<p>The need for climate change mitigation is a salient reason for an increasing number of countries considering nuclear power within their national energy portfolios, according to IAEA experts and government sources.</p>
2015-09-22 12:00
“Significant Progress” in Implementation of Road-map, IAEA Director General Says on Return from Iran
<p>For the first time, the IAEA has had access to a location at the Parchin site which the IAEA regards as essential for the clarification of outstanding issues concerning Iran’s nuclear programme, Director General Yukiya Amano said this morning.</p>
2015-09-21 14:30
Ambassador Laercio Antonio Vinhas of Brazil Takes Over as the Chairman of the IAEA Board of Governors
<p>The IAEA Board of Governors on 21 September elected by acclamation the Governor from Brazil Ambassador Laércio Antonio Vinhas as the Chairman of the Board for 2015-2016.</p>
2015-09-21 10:00
Key Resolutions Adopted as IAEA General Conference Draws to a Close
<p>At its concluding session today, the IAEA General Conference adopted resolutions further strengthening the IAEA’s work in the areas of nuclear science and technology, safety, security, safeguards and technical cooperation. Delegates also approved the IAEA’s budget for 2016-2017.</p>
2015-09-18 17:00