Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

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Inter-American Development Bank is an organization based in Washington, D.C..


"We support efforts by Latin America and the Caribbean countries to reduce poverty and inequality. We aim to bring about development in a sustainable, climate-friendly way. Established in 1959, we are the largest source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean, with a strong commitment to achieve measurable results, increased integrity, transparency and accountability. We have an evolving reform agenda that seeks to increase our development impact in the region. While we are a regular bank in many ways, we are also unique in some key respects. Besides loans, we also provide grants, technical assistance and do research. Our shareholders are 48 member countries, including 26 Latin American and Caribbean borrowing members, who have a majority ownership of the IDB. Given our shareholder base and prudent management, we have a strong financial position. As a result, the IDB is able to borrow in international markets at competitive rates and transfer that benefit to our clients in 26 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean."


NEO Initiative improves job opportunities for 150,000 youth in Latin American and the Caribbean
With a US$137 million investment and presence in 10 countries, NEO addresses the youth talent gap
Multilateral banks to deepen collaboration with private sector to boost inclusive, sustainable infrastructure
Multilateral banks to deepen collaboration with private sector to boost inclusive, sustainable infrastructure worldwide.
IDB releases call to action for government, MDB and investor cooperation to sharply increase sustainable infrastructure investment
The IDB and the consulting firm Mercer launched a study aimed at unlocking investment in sustainable infrastructure.
Honduras to improve public health care with $50 million loan from IDB
Honduras will improve the efficiency of public spending in the health care system with the help of a loan from the IDB.
The IIC supports the sugarcane industry in Brazil with a $50 million loan
The IIC disburses $50 million to Sucden to support sustainable practices in the sugarcane sector in Brazil.
IDB launches its largest US dollar global bond
The IDB today priced a $3.75 billion 3-year US dollar global bond.
IIC supports the city of Buenos Aires to improve road safety and connectivity
IIC loan will support urbanization efforts and reduce travel time in Buenos Aires
Open Call for the most innovative startups in the creative and cultural industries
IDB and Miami Dade College seek the most innovative startups
IDB Group ends annual meeting in Paraguay with agreement to replenish innovative fund
IDB and IIC wrapped up the annual meeting of their Boards of Governors after reaching an agreement to replenish the MIF.
Latin America, Caribbean and Japan lead replenishment of IDBs innovation lab
IDB Member countries pledge $317 million to the Multilateral Investment Fund.
IDB warns of difficult global trading environment, calls for pragmatic trade integration in Latin America and Caribbean
The IDB's 2017 Macroeconomic Report urged Latin America and Caribbean to create free trade area.
IDB issues 2016 Sustainability Report
The IDB releases its 2016 Sustainability Report, describing $2.7 billion in new climate-related loan approvals.
IDB issues 2016 Sustainability Report
The IDB releases its 2016 Sustainability Report, describing $2.7 billion in new climate-related loan approvals.
Latin American and Caribbean economic prospects improve, IDB report finds
IDB: Economic outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean improves in 2017.
More than 800 business and government leaders discuss ambitious integration agenda to compete in global trade
IDB President and the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay inaugurate Business Forum in Asunción.
IDB highlights creativity as engine for development at Demand Solutions
IDB: Demand Solutions Paraguay highlights importance of creativity in economic development of Latin America and the Caribbean.
IDB-MIF supports Colombia as pioneer of social innovation
Social Impact Bond to increase formal employment of vulnerable populations in three Colombian cities as pioneer of social innovation.
Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues continue to rise despite low economic growth
Tax revenues continue to rise in Latin America in 2015, despite slower economic growth, says Revenue Statistics in Latin America study.
Experts discuss how to incorporate gender aspects in transport planning in Guyana
Gender and transport experts discuss ways to incorporate women´s specific needs on Guyana´s transport sector
IDB launches a multilingual education data portal to support improvements in learning
IDB launches first multilingual portal for educational indicators and statistics of the region.
IDB releases short film on disability and education
The short film, which is part of the movie The Empty Classrooom, will be available for free online for the first time.
IDB and UNESCO: It is urgent to address deficiencies in school infrastructure to promote education quality in Latin America and the Caribbean
Students from lower income families and located in rural areas, do not have ensured access to education with basic infrastructure.
Bolivia to improve environmental management with support from IDB
IDB loan of $140 million to help strengthen and modernize environmental management in Bolivia.
Region advances towards gender equality driven by participation in public sector: IDB
Gender equity advances in Latin America and the Caribbean driven by participation in the public sector.
IDB becomes worlds first regional development bank to earn an EDGE certificate for gender equality
The IDB is the worlds first regional development bank to receive the EDGE Certification
MIF announces first integration program between FINTECHS and Financial Institutions
MIF launches FINCONECTA, a program to integrate solutions between FinTechs and financial institutions.
CDB, IDB sign agreement to strengthen partnership
CDB and IDB signed agreement to strengthen their ongoing partnership in addressing the Caribbeans development priorities.
IDB Safeguards help promote sustainable growth, study finds
Harvard University's Zofnass Program reviews the IDB's environmental and social safeguards
Lowering fiscal and external vulnerability the key to promoting growth in Central America and the Dominican Republic
IDB Governors from Central America and the Dominican Republic meet in Washington to discuss 2017 economic prospects.
Crime exacts steep social, public and private costs in Latin America and Caribbean: IDB study
Study: the steep price Latin America and Caribbean pays for high levels of crime.





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