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Country Profile
Population 237,424,363
GDP $928,274,000,000
Energy Consumption 5.82 Quadrillion Btu
2-letter ISO code ID
3-letter ISO code IDN
Numeric ISO code 360
UN Region[1] South-Eastern Asia
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CIA World Factbook, Appendix D[2]

Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 17,508 islands. It has 34 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world's fourth most populous country. Indonesia is a republic, with an elected legislature and president. The nation's capital city is Jakarta. The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia.

Energy Resources

Resource Value Units Rank Period Source
Wind Potential 1,918 Area(km²) Class 3-7 Wind at 50m 54 1990 NREL
Solar Potential 4,967,990,841 MWh/year 18 2008 NREL
Coal Reserves 6,094.68 Million Short Tons 14 2008 EIA
Natural Gas Reserves 3,001,000,000,000 Cubic Meters (cu m) 14 2010 CIA World Factbook
Oil Reserves 4,050,000,000 Barrels (bbl) 28 2010 CIA World Factbook

Energy Maps featuring Indonesia

Sumba, Indonesia - Favorable Wind Resource Areas West Timor, Indonesia - Favorable Wind Resource Areas

Reegle logo.png Policy and Regulatory Overview [3]

Indonesia Policy and Regulatory Overview

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View the Solar and Wind Energy Resource Atlas for Indonesia.

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  2. CIA World Factbook, Appendix D
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Indonesia is a country in Asia.
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