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H24 is a diversified energy and sustainable development group

H24 Power and Fuels

Advanced Technologies, Engineering and Consulting

A clean technology, clean fuel and new energy developer - A hydrogen solution provider - H24 builds and operates fuel delivery facilities, renewable gas, RNG and power generating plant for ourselves, regional authorities, communities and our commercial clients

H24's branding, solutions and services represent our full commitment to empower low carbon sustainable development - both progressive and transformational change - Our products, systems and facilities are designed to cater for your operational power, clean fuel and / or mobility requirements. H24 looks to address key sustainability; new energy, clean fuel and power demand issues, H24 utilizes an Eco-development and open innovation strategy to bring together the stakeholders, commercial partners, talent and expertise to integrate and deploy reliable, proven technologies and systems and to develop "New".

H24 offers through-life design and build engineering services with high performance productivity systems, integrated renewables and sustainable design - delivering clean fuels, advanced new energy, renewable gas, fuel cell & distributed power solutions to serve an establishment, region or catchment area


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