Geotechnical studies of geothermal reservoirs

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Report: Geotechnical studies of geothermal reservoirs

It is proposed to delineate the important factors in the geothermal environment that will affect drilling. The geologic environment of the particular areas of interest are described, including rock types, geologic structure, and other important parameters that help describe the reservoir and overlying cap rock. The geologic environment and reservoir characteristics of several geothermal areas were studied, and drill bits were obtained from most of the areas. The geothermal areas studied are: (1) Geysers, California, (2) Imperial Valley, California, (3) Roosevelt Hot Springs, Utah, (4) Bacca Ranch, Valle Grande, New Mexico, (5) Jemez Caldera, New Mexico, (6) Raft River, Idaho, and (7) Marysville, Montona.

Pratt, H. R.; Simonson and E. R.  

DOE Information Bridge, 1/1/1976

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Pratt, H. R.; Simonson, E. R.  . 1/1/1976. Geotechnical studies of geothermal reservoirs. (!) : DOE Information Bridge.