Geodetic Survey At Kilauea Summit Area (Keller, Et Al., 1979)

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Exploration Activity: Geodetic Survey At Kilauea Summit Area (Keller, Et Al., 1979)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Kilauea Summit Area
Exploration Technique Geodetic Survey
Activity Date

Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

GROUND DEFORMATION STUDY - NOT GPS: "Evidence for the existence of a shallow magma body, such as would be needed to supply heat to a geothermal system, has been provided by ground deformation studies carried out in recent years (Mogi, 1958; Eaton, 1962; Fiske and Kinoshita, 1969; Kinoshita et al., 1974). Measurements of ground tilt, elevation changes, and horizontal ground diplacements repeated regularly by the staff of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory show that inflation and deflation of Kilauea's summit area are generally centered in and near the southern part of the caldera (Eaton et al., 1971)."


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