Water Power

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Water Power Basics

High-level information about about water power: the clean, affordable electricity that will move our nation towards energy independence by harnessing tides, rivers, currents, wave, and marine energy.

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What’s New in Water Power?

Links to water power news, events, and other topics of interest.

Water Power Datasets

Links to water power datasets from the Department of Energy, national laboratories, the U.S. Geological Survey, and other research agencies.

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Water Power Visualization Tools

Access to a variety of water power visualization tools, such as maps and charts.

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Water Power Reports

Links to technical reports and articles about the water power industry, specifically hydropower and marine and hydrokinetic energy.

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Water Power Development Resources

Links to resources that should aid in the development of water power projects.

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Water Power Stakeholders

Information about the major stakeholders in the water power industry, such as name, web address, sector, and more.

Water Power Community Forum

Provides users with a method for engaging in conversation about different water power topics of interest.

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