Forestry Policies (Georgia)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

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Place Georgia

Applies to States or Provinces Georgia
Name Forestry Policies (Georgia)
Policy Category Other Policy
Policy Type Environmental Regulations
Affected Technologies Biomass/Biogas
Active Policy Yes

Implementing Sector State/Province

Program Administrator Georgia Forestry Commission
Primary Website

Last Review 2014-09-15

Information Source State Forestry Commission Forest Biomass Resources:, Statewide Resource Assesment:


Georgia's Forests are managed by the Georgia Forestry Commission. In 2009 the Commission completed a statewide assessment of biomass resources:

The Commission also provides a number of informational resources with regard to forest biomass for energy generation:

Georgia offers exemption to biomass materials, including forest thinning residues, logging residues, and timber processing residues, from the state's sales and use taxes:

Policy Contact

Department Georgia Forestry Comission

Phone 478-751-3500