Event:World Bank Institute-Low Carbon Development Learning Course

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World Bank-Low Carbon Development Learning Course: on 2011/09/01

This course has the following modules – (i) Introduction to Low Carbon Development Planning; (ii) Overview for Policymakers; (iii) Power; (iv) Household; (v) Transport - which introduce you to climate change mitigation, explore the concepts surrounding low carbon development planning on an economy-wide basis and take a detailed look at what this means in the power and transport sectors and for household electricity use. For those interested in modeling, the course discusses the development of reference and low carbon scenarios out to 2030 and beyond, the stakeholders that need to be involved and the data that is required to develop credible projections. A downloadable copy of the EFFECT model (Energy Forecasting Framework and Emissions Consensus Tool), developed initially for low carbon modeling work in India and used in a number of other countries since, is provided. The course also provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the EFFECT model. September 1, 2011-September 29,2011

Event Details
Name World Bank-Low Carbon Development Learning Course
Date 2011/09/01

Location Online
Organizer World Bank Institute
Tags LEDS, CLEAN, Training
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