EPA ECHO Thermal Effluent Violations

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This site identifies electric power facilities that reported a thermal effluent violation from January 2012 to March 2016 according to the EPA ECHO reporting website. Further details about these incidents can be found in the report, “Water-related power plant curtailments: An overview of incidents and contributing factors.”

Point sources that discharge effluent to waters of the United States are subject to regulations under the Clean Water Act (CWA). These sources must obtain a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit from the jurisdiction that has been granted permitting authority, which often are state environmental agencies. NPDES permits establish pollution monitoring criteria and sets limits on pollutant concentrations that can be discharged. If a source discharges a pollutant above permit limit, this is considered a violation and must be reported to the permitting agency.

Plants can request a variance from thermal CWA discharge limits under Section 316 (a) of the CWA, which allows the NPDES permitting authority to establish alternate thermal discharge limits as long as the discharger can prove that increased temperature discharges still protect the receiving water body’s “balanced, indigenous population of shellfish, fish, and wildlife.”

Each NPDES permit is different for individual facilities and can require different limit requirements. For example, some permits set a limit on monthly maximum temperature discharge and some set limits on daily maximum temperature. Some permits have seasonally dependent limits, generally with higher temperature discharge limits in the summer months.

Each pin represents a thermoelectric power plant that reported a thermal effluent violation. Note that plants may or may not have experienced multiple violations during this time frame.

This map below shows a pin for each EPA Thermal Effluent Violation, click on the pins to get more information.

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This table contains detailed data on each of the EPA Thermal Effluent Violations. Columns can also be sorted as needed.

  Fuel Date Water Source Source State Coordinates
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:AES Alamitos Natural Gas 31 August 14 Los Cerritos Channel https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#CA0001139 California 33.76861111°, -118.0988889°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:AES Redondo Beach LLC Natural Gas 30 April 14 Pacific Ocean https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#CA0001201 California 33.84777778°, -118.4022222°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Allen S. King Coal Lake St. Croix https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#MN0000825 Minnesota 45.03333333°, -92.77138889°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Bailly Coal 31 August 15 Lake Michigan https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IN0000132 Indiana 41.645°, -87.1225°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Bowline Point Natural Gas 31 July 13 Hudson river https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#NY0008010 New York 41.20444444°, -73.96888889°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Bridgeport Energy Project Natural Gas Bridgeport Harbor https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#CT0030180 Connecticut 41.46805556°, -73.185°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:C W Burdick Natural Gas 31 August 13 Well https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#NE0001074 Nebraska 40.9228°, -98.3269°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Canal Coal Price River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#UT0000094 Utah 39.72722222°, -110.8644444°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Carbon Coal Price River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#UT0000094 Utah 39.72722222°, -110.8644444°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Clify Creek Coal 30 September 13 Ohio River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IN0001759 Indiana 38.73333333°, -85.45833333°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Comanche CC Natural Gas 31 July 15 City of Lawton Treat https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#OK0002682 Oklahoma 34.59138889°, -98.36972222°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Eielson AFB Central Heat Coal, Petroleum Cooling ponds, 3 wells https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#AK0001341 Alaska 64.67111111°, -147.0719444°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:FirstEnergy Fort Martin Power Station Coal Monongahela River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#WV0004731 West Virginia 39.70222222°, -79.9275°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Frank E Ratts Coal White River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IN0004391 Indiana 38.51861111°, -87.2725°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Huntington Beach Natural Gas Pacific Ocean https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#CA0001163 California 33.6439°, -117.9792°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Indian Point Nuclear 30 June 14 Hudson river https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#NY0004472 New York 41.27138889°, -73.95111111°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:James E. Roger Energy Complex Coal Broad River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#NC0005088 North Carolina 35.22°, -81.7594°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Lewis & Clark Coal Yellowstone River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#MT0000302 Montana 47.67944444°, -104.67°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:MM Taunton Energy Landfill Gas Taunton River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#MA0002241 Massachusetts 41.9111°, -71.1289°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Mallard Lake Electric Landfill Gas 28 February 14 Municipality https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IL0072460 Illinois 41.952742°, -88.143737°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Merom Coal Turtle Creek Reservoir https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IN0050296 Indiana 39.06944444°, -87.51083333°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Morgantown Energy Facility Coal Monongahela River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#WV0078425 West Virginia 39.63972222°, -79.96055556°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Northport Natural Gas Long Island Sound https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#NY0005941 New York 40.93333333°, -73.35°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Orville Coal Municipality https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#OH0064025 Ohio 40.85083333°, -81.765°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Ouachita power Natural Gas 31 July 13 Ouachita River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#LA0112780 Louisiana 32.70611111°, -92.06833333°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Plainfield Renewable Energy Biomass 31 December 15 Quinebaug River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#CT0030473 Connecticut 41.664376°, -71.92418°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Prairie State Generating Station Coal 31 December 15 Kaskaskia River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IL0076996 Illinois 38.279167°, -89.666944°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Quad Cities Nuclear Mississippi https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IL0048151 Illinois 41.72°, -90.31°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Roseton Generating Facility Natural Gas Hudson River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#NY0008231 New York 41.573783°, -73.966269°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Transalta Centralia Generation Coal 30 September 13 Skookumchuck River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#WA0001546 Washington 46.7625°, -122.8566667°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Waiau Residual Fuel Oil 31 October 14 Pearl Harbor https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#HI0000604 Hawaii 21.39194444°, -157.9638889°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Washington Energy Facility Natural Gas Muskingum River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#OH0127841 Ohio 39.54805556°, -81.64°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violation:Waterford Energy Facility Natural Gas Muskingum River https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#OH0127825 Ohio 39.5333°, -81.7178°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violations:AES Redondo Beach LLC Natural Gas 30 April 14 Pacific Ocean https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#CA0001201 California 33.84777778°, -118.4022222°
EPA Thermal Effluent Violations:Bailly Coal 31 August 15 Lake Michigan https://echo.epa.gov/effluent-charts#IN0000132 Indiana 41.645°, -87.1225°