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NEPA Document Collection for: ED5 PVH

Environmental Assessment Electrical District 5-Palo Verde Hub Project

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Energy Sector Transmission

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Western Area Power Administration and southern Arizona utility districts and public utilities
Consultant AZTEC Engineering

Geothermal Area

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Time Frame (days)
NEPA Process Time 172
Participating Agencies

Lead Agency

Western Area Power Administration

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none provided

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Selected Dates
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Document Type
EID Federal Register Date 2010/12/10
Scoping Initiated Date 2011/02/18
Preliminary EA-EIS Date 2011/06/09
Final EA-EIS Date
/Public Comment Period
Decision Document Date 2011/08/09
NEPA Schedule Comments
Public Open House held in March 2011
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Proposed Action

Western’s Electrical District 5 – Palo Verde Hub project is an about 109-mile transmission project in Arizona, starting at the Palo Verde market hub near Wintersburg in Maricopa County, Ariz., and running southeast to the Electrical District 5 substation south of Casa Grande and near Picacho Peak in Pinal County, Ariz.

Under the Transmission Infrastructure Program, Western is financing the project, borrowing up to $91 million from the U.S. Treasury. Developed in coordination with the Southwest Public Power Resource group, a collection of public power companies that include several Western firm electric and transmission service customers of the Parker-Davis Project, ED5-PVH will add up to 410 megawatts of bi-directional capacity, primarily renewable energy, to the electric grid, which includes 254 MWs connecting to the vital Palo Verde market hub that serves consumers in Arizona and southern California and Nevada.

ED5-PVH includes portions of two other existing projects plus adding new 230-kilovolt circuits to existing and planned transmission lines. To complete the ED5-PVH project, Western will:

  • Purchase transmission capacity rights on the 500-kilovolt Southeast Valley Project transmission line between Western’s Test Track substation and the Palo Verde market, a distance of 64 miles.
  • Add 45 miles of new 230-kV transmission line from the Test Track substation to Western’s Electrical District No. 5 substation south of Phoenix. This part consists of:
    • Adding a new 230-kV circuit to an existing Western 115-kV transmission line running from ED5 to Casa Grande substation, which is already scheduled for an upgrade
    • Attaching a 230-kV circuit to a planned SEV Project 500-kV line from Western’s Test Track substation to where it intersects with the existing line

Conditions of Approval

Project applicant will implement resource protection measures as identified in EA.

Data Completion Notes

Project website: http://ww2.wapa.gov/sites/Western/transmission/tip/project/Pages/ED5PVH.aspx



EA/EIS Report: