Data and Modeling Techniques

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Exploration Technique: Data and Modeling Techniques

Exploration Technique Information
Exploration Group: Data and Modeling Techniques
Exploration Sub Group: None
Parent Exploration Technique: Exploration Techniques
Information Provided by Technique
Lithology: Rock types, rock chemistry, stratigraphic layer organization
Stratigraphic/Structural: Stress fields and magnitudes, location and shape of permeable and non-permeable structures, faults, and fracture patterns
Hydrological: Visualization and prediction of the flow patterns and characteristics of geothermal fluids, hydrothermal fluid flow characteristics, up-flow patterns
Thermal: Thermal conduction and convection patterns in the subsurface, temperature and pressure extrapolation throughout reservoir, heat source characteristics
Data and Modeling Techniques:
Physical properties and other reservoir performance data are typically used to constrain conceptual and then quantitative models of individual reservoirs. The constraint on individual models is improved as the number of independent data types and sets increases.
Other definitions:Wikipedia Reegle

Data and modeling techniques in geothermal exploration form the basis for reservoir engineering, and developing an exploration strategy. Data and modeling techniques go hand in hand during all stages of geothermal development.
Use in Geothermal Exploration
Data and modeling techniques play a key role in geothermal exploration, reservoir engineering and development. Even after a geothermal area has been developed and energy is being produced data and modeling techniques are used for the optimization and sustainable utilization of the reservoir.


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