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NEPA Document Collection for: DOI-BLM-NV-C010-2012-0058-DNA
DNA at Dixie Meadows Geothermal Area for Geothermal/Well Field

DNA for Observation Wells at Dixie Meadows for Geothermal/Well Field

General NEPA Document Info
Energy Sector Geothermal energy

Analysis Type



Ormat Technologies Inc

Geothermal Area

Dixie Meadows Geothermal Area

Project Location


Project Phase

Geothermal/Well Field


Observation Wells
Time Frame (days)
Application Time 154
Participating Agencies

Lead Agency

Bureau of Land Management

Funding Agency

none provided

Managing District Office

Carson City

Managing Field Office


Funding Agencies

none provided

Surface Manager

Bureau of Land Management

Mineral Manager

Bureau of Land Management
Selected Dates
Application Date 2012/06/29
Document Type
Decision Document Date 11/30/2012
Relevant Numbers
Lead Agency
Doc Number
Serial Number NVN-060686

Proposed Action

ORMAT Nevada Inc. proposes to drill two observation wells as part of their exploration and development of their Dixie Meadows Geothermal Project located in Dixie Valley approximately 40 miles east-northeast of Fallon, Nevada, in Churchill County. Construction of a pad of up to approximately 350 feet by 350 feet as well as a short access road to an existing nearby road would be required. Both wells would be drilled on the same pad. The proposed site is different from those analyzed in the EA, but is within the project area analyzed in the ORMAT Technologies, Inc., Dixie Meadows Geothermal Exploration Project and FONSI/DR signed 1/17/2012.

Data Completion Notes

No document available to further populate. GDP from BLM's Grass Wells Database, LR2000 SRPs, or State Mineral Commissions Databases.



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