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Community Wind Handbook

Purchase Equipment

The purchase of a turbine for a small community wind project is a large investment and should be treated like any other major purchase.

Now that permits have been secured and you’ve chosen an installer (or decided to install the project yourself), it is time to purchase the equipment you will need for the project: the turbine, tower, wire, and interconnection equipment. Based on your previous efforts, a suitable turbine capacity has been determined to fulfill your project needs, and you've researched turbines by reading product literature and learning about power production, warranties, etc. (see Research Turbine Models). With that information in hand, the next step to procuring a turbine for your small community wind project is to contact multiple manufacturers or dealers to see what they have to offer.

A small community wind project is comprised of multiple components including turbine, tower, wire, and interconnection equipment. Photo from Roger Dixon.

You will have to consider many factors before making your final decision. Manufacturers or dealers should be able to answer the following important questions for you:

  • Does the turbine include tower, wiring, components, and other necessary parts and equipment for installation?
  • What is the cost?
  • How soon will a turbine be available? Some turbine models may not be immediately available due to high demand.[1]
  • Are services such as installation or maintenance assistance offered?
  • Does the manufacturer offer technical support?
  • What is the current availability for replacement parts?

Note that depending on the size of turbine and the type of tower used for the project, you may have to contact a crane rental company to complete the installation.[2]


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