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Colorado is a state in the United States of America.

Energy Production by Technology in Colorado

Fuel Source Value Units
Solar Power 16,530 MWh
Wind Power 2,942,133 MWh
Geothermal Power 0 MWh
Biomass Power 50,528 MWh
Total Energy Production from Non-Hydro Renewables 3,009,191 MWh
Hydro Power 2,058,215 MWh
HPS Power 108,658 MWh
Total Energy Production from Renewables 5,067,406 MWh
Coal Power 31,641,090 MWh
Gas Power 13,802,364 MWh
Petroleum Power 15,552 MWh
Nuclear Power 0 MWh
Other 33,633 MWh
Total Energy Production 50,451,388 MWh
Percent of Total Power from Non-Hydro Renewables 5.96  %
Percent of Total Power from Renewables 10.04  %
Source: 2009 EIA Data (Download)

Renewable Energy Technical Potential in Colorado

Technology Generation Estimate Nameplate Capacity Area, Mass or Count
Urban Utility-scale PV 43,470 GWh43,470,000,000 kWh
43,470,000,000,000 Wh
43,470,000 MWh
1.56492e+17 J
19 GW19,000 MW
19,000,000 kW
19,000,000,000 W
19,000,000,000,000 mW
0.019 TW
399 km2399,000,000 m²
154.014 mi²
4,294,796,100 ft²
477,204,000 yd²
98,594.895 acres
Rural Utility-scale PV 10,238,083 GWh10,238,083,000,000 kWh
1.023808e+16 Wh
10,238,083,000 MWh
3.68571e+19 J
4,514 GW4,514,000 MW
4,514,000,000 kW
4,514,000,000,000 W
4.514e+15 mW
4.514 TW
94,046 km294,046,000,000 m²
36,301.756 mi²
1,012,301,739,400 ft²
112,479,016,000 yd²
23,239,236.83 acres
Rooftop PV 16,162 GWh16,162,000,000 kWh
16,162,000,000,000 Wh
16,162,000 MWh
5.81832e+16 J
11 GW11,000 MW
11,000,000 kW
11,000,000,000 W
11,000,000,000,000 mW
0.011 TW
CSP 9,154,524 GWh9,154,524,000,000 kWh
9.154524e+15 Wh
9,154,524,000 MWh
3.295629e+19 J
3,097 GW3,097,000 MW
3,097,000,000 kW
3,097,000,000,000 W
3.097e+15 mW
3.097 TW
94,173 km294,173,000,000 m²
36,350.778 mi²
1,013,668,754,700 ft²
112,630,908,000 yd²
23,270,619.165 acres
Onshore Wind 1,096,035 GWh1,096,035,000,000 kWh
1.096035e+15 Wh
1,096,035,000 MWh
3.945726e+18 J
387 GW387,000 MW
387,000,000 kW
387,000,000,000 W
387,000,000,000,000 mW
0.387 TW
77,443 km277,443,000,000 m²
29,892.998 mi²
833,588,707,700 ft²
92,621,828,000 yd²
19,136,552.515 acres
Offshore Wind N/A N/A N/A
Biopower-Solid 2,913 GWh2,913,000,000 kWh
2,913,000,000,000 Wh
2,913,000 MWh
1.04868e+16 J
0 GW0 MW
0 kW
0 W
0 mW
0 TW
2,648,462 BDT2,648,462,000 kg
2,648,462,000,000 g
2,648,462 tonnes
5,839,858,710 lbs
417,132,765 stones
Biopower-Gaseous 1,224 GWh1,224,000,000 kWh
1,224,000,000,000 Wh
1,224,000 MWh
4.4064e+15 J
0 GW0 MW
0 kW
0 W
0 mW
0 TW
260,470 Tonnes260,470,000 kg
260,470,000,000 g
574,336,350 lbs
41,024,025 stones
9,186,776,900 ounces
Geothermal Hydrothermal 8,953 GWh8,953,000,000 kWh
8,953,000,000,000 Wh
8,953,000 MWh
3.22308e+16 J
1 GW1,000 MW
1,000,000 kW
1,000,000,000 W
1,000,000,000,000 mW
1.0e-3 TW
EGS Geothermal 1,251,657 GWh1,251,657,000,000 kWh
1.251657e+15 Wh
1,251,657,000 MWh
4.505965e+18 J
158 GW158,000 MW
158,000,000 kW
158,000,000,000 W
158,000,000,000,000 mW
0.158 TW
Hydropower 7,789 GWh7,789,000,000 kWh
7,789,000,000,000 Wh
7,789,000 MWh
2.80404e+16 J
1 GW1,000 MW
1,000,000 kW
1,000,000,000 W
1,000,000,000,000 mW
1.0e-3 TW
5,060 Sites
See Nationwide Statistics Source: 2012 National Renewable Energy Laboratory Data (Download)

Energy Maps featuring Colorado

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Weather Related to Energy

Heating / Cooling Degree Days Value Rank Period Source
Average Annual Heating Degree Days Coming Soon  ??  ?? NOAA
Average Annual Cooling Degree Days Coming Soon  ??  ?? NOAA

Renewable Energy Resources

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), Colorado has substantial renewable energy resources—including wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric resources—but they remain relatively undeveloped, and the state ranks 13th out of all the states according to 2007 data in renewable energy generation.[1]

Much of Colorado's renewable energy resource originates in its mountains--more than 100 mountain peaks rise above 4,000 meters in the state. Geologic activity in Colorado's mountains provides potential for geothermal power development. Lofty mountain ridges present wind power potential. Rivers flowing from the mountains offer hydroelectric power possibilities. Within more metropolitan areas, solar has been gaining momentum as more private sector activity has been driven by policies put in place in recent years, and solar resources in the southwest part of the state are also being explored for utility scale solar projects, though transmission issues have yet to be resolved.[2]

Hydroelectric facilities and wind power plants account for most of the State’s electricity generation from renewable sources. Additionally, corn grown on the states’ eastern plains offers potential resources for ethanol production.

State Energy Program Funding

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) State Energy Program (SEP) funding award to Colorado is $49,222,000. As of October 2009, the state received $24,611,000.[3]


"Although the Denver metropolitan area was the first area in the country to require the use of motor gasoline blended with ethanol to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, the state is relatively new to large-scale ethanol production. It produces ethanol mostly from corn at small facilities in the northeastern part of the state. Colorado's smallest ethanol production plant is co-located with the Coors brewery in Golden and uses waste beer to produce ethanol for fuel consumption." (source: EIA)

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