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Country Profile
Population 18,006,407
GDP Unavailable
Energy Consumption 1.22 Quadrillion Btu
2-letter ISO code CL
3-letter ISO code CHL
Numeric ISO code 152
UN Region[1] South America
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CIA World Factbook, Appendix D[2]

Chile (/ˈtʃɪli/; [ˈtʃile]), officially the Republic of Chile (Spanish: About this sound República de Chile ), is a South American country occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. Chilean territory includes the Pacific islands of Juan Fernández, Salas y Gómez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island in Oceania. Chile also claims about 1,250,000 square kilometres (480,000 sq mi) of Antarctica, although all claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty.

Energy Resources[edit]

Resource Value Units Rank Period Source
Wind Potential 134,209 Area(km²) Class 3-7 Wind at 50m 14 1990 NREL
Solar Potential 1,972,640,705 MWh/year 43 2008 NREL
Coal Reserves 170.86 Million Short Tons 52 2008 EIA
Natural Gas Reserves 97,970,000,000 Cubic Meters (cu m) 53 2010 CIA World Factbook
Oil Reserves 150,000,000 Barrels (bbl) 64 2010 CIA World Factbook

Energy Maps featuring Chile[edit]

Chile - Selected Islands - Isla de Chileo Area of Region X Favorable Wind Resouce Areas Chile - Pacific Coast of Region X Favorable Wind Resource Areas Chile - Pacific Coast of Region IX Favorable Wind Resource AreasMore Maps..

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Chile Policy and Regulatory Overview

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Chile is a country in South America bordering Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and the South Pacific Ocean.
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