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The CKB Group has been developed two innovative shared tools to make climate information much easier to find. They are both designed to be incorporated into other websites, and are already in use by a number of leading climate knowledge brokers.

The Knowledge Navigator

The Knowledge Navigator is an online application that helps you to find and access the most relevant websites for you, based on a searchable database of carefully selected climate change information platforms. It can be easily installed as a widget on other websites, or accessed directly using the search box below.

reegle Tagging API

The reegle Tagging API offers organisations publishing online resources about climate and clean energy two core services:

  • Automated tagging of documents covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate relevant subjects.
  • Suggestion of related documents from the rapidly growing content pool of already indexed articles.

Consistent tagging helps the end-user find the resources he or she is looking for; the suggestion of related documents helps to cover more angles of a given topic. The reegle API can tag documents in five different languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Use of the reegle Tagging API is free of charge. To find out how the service works, watch this introductory video:

reegle Tagging API introductory video (View on YouTube)

Reegle logo.png Try the demo directly at:

To help you consider how to incorporate the Tagging API into your information services see the examples given as use cases at