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The CKB group will be present during COP20 and will host and participate at the following events:

Official COP 20 Side Event: Innovation and Collaboration for Transforming Knowledge into Climate Action: Creating a “Climate Knowledge Grid”

Are you drowning in the flood of climate information that’s now available? Access to reliable, timely and relevant information is clearly crucial to those making choices that will affect, or be affected by, climate change. Yet despite efforts to close climate knowledge gaps over the past two decades, we are still a long way from where we need to be. Indeed, we have overshot the mark – instead of having to act on the basis of incomplete climate information, we are now faced with far more information than we can handle.

The Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group is working to address these challenges. Our vision is to create a smart “climate knowledge grid” that will improve and streamline information and data sharing. By working together we are seeking to connect the vast wealth of information that is available online, and guide users to what is most relevant to them – in doing so helping to transform knowledge into climate action.

This side event will showcase recent breakthroughs that have been made in laying the foundations for this knowledge grid, and demonstrate how collaborative working is helping organizations optimize their knowledge resources and Web sites, avoid duplication, and link with others to make content easier to find.

We invite you to stop by to learn more about the CKB Group, find out how you can ‘plug in’ to the climate knowledge grid, and discuss and debate our roadmap toward the knowledge grid with a panel of experienced knowledge brokers.


  • Geoff Barnard – Climate and Development Knowledge Network (Chair)
  • Martin Hiller – Director General, REEEP - Climate Tagger
  • Jukka Uosukainen – Director, Climate Technology Centre & Network - CTCN Knowledge Portal
  • Kiran Pandey – Centre for Science and Environment - India Environment Portal
  • Jane Ebinger – Manager, Climate Change Policy, World Bank - Climate-Smart Planning Platform


  • Date and time: Monday, December 1st, 2014, 16:45—18:15
  • Room at side event venue: Machu-Picchu
  • Attendees may need to present official accreditation to COP20/CMP10
  • Organizer contact:


  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)
  • Institute for Development Studies (IDS)

Additionally, the CKB group organizes a workshop for Latin American Knowledge Brokers on December 5 (see [1] for invitation and registration) and will be present during the Development and Climate Days 2014 at COP20 [2].

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

CKB Latin America Workshop 2014

See the full invitation here: Taller de Climate Knowledge Broker Group para Latinoamérica

The overall objective of the CKB Latin America Workshop is to initiate and foster collaborative links between climate knowledge brokers from the Latin American region. The aim of the CKB group is to improve access to reliable information and robust methods for those working in climate change and development, specifically supporting regionally focused initiatives to enable them to enhance their ability to share lessons and experience.

Timing & Location

  • Friday, December 5
  • 9:00 - 17:00
  • ESAN University, Lima
  • Language: Spanish

Climate & Development Days: Zero-Zero

CKB will be part of a two day event organized by CDKN, the Red Cross Climate Center and ODI. Session 7 will feature representatives of the CKB group:

Part 1 - Interview style session: How are organisations learning about the integration of climate change into development planning and programming?

Organisations will be invited to share their approaches to learning about the integration of achieving zero poverty with zero net emissions.

Part 2 - Harnessing effective knowledge management to achieve zero-zero

In order to achieve low carbon, climate resilient development, we need to act quickly in an inclusive and accountable way for affected people. Effective knowledge sharing will be key to achieving this. In this interactive round table session, participants will learn about:

  • The importance of identifying knowledge user demand
  • Sharing information effectively across multiple audiences
  • Innovative and successful initiatives currently in place to achieve this such as the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group and the Climate and Business Development Network.

Timing & Location

  • Sunday, December 7
  • 9:30 - 11:00
  • Country Club Lima Hotel