Aurora Geothermal Area

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Aurora Geothermal Area

Area Overview

From Nevada Bureau of Land Management Geothermal Exploration Activities webpage:[1]

"The Aurora prospect consists of 29,000 acres in an area of Quaternary basaltic volcanism. Seventeen temperature gradient wells indicate a large geothermal anomaly. A GeoVision technology survey identifying thermal anomalies was completed recently on the property. Gradient reported an estimated 132 MW resource at Aurora."

History and Infrastructure

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Developing Power Projects: 1

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Power Production Profile

Gross Production Capacity:

Net Production Capacity:

Owners  :

Power Purchasers :

Other Uses:

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Regulatory and Environmental Issues

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Exploration History

First Discovery Well

Completion Date:

Well Name:



Initial Flow Rate:
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Flow Test Comment:

Initial Temperature:

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Well Field Description

Well Field Information

Development Area:

Number of Production Wells:

Number of Injection Wells:

Number of Replacement Wells:

Average Temperature of Geofluid:

Sanyal Classification (Wellhead):

Reservoir Temp (Geothermometry):

Reservoir Temp (Measured):

Sanyal Classification (Reservoir):

Depth to Top of Reservoir:

Depth to Bottom of Reservoir:

Average Depth to Reservoir:

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Geology of the Area

Geologic Setting

Tectonic Setting: Extensional Tectonics

Controlling Structure:

Topographic Features:

Brophy Model:

Moeck-Beardsmore Play Type:

Geologic Features

Modern Geothermal Features:

Relict Geothermal Features:

Volcanic Age: Quaternary [1]

Host Rock Age:

Host Rock Lithology:

Cap Rock Age:

Cap Rock Lithology:

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Geofluid Geochemistry


Salinity (low):

Salinity (high):

Salinity (average):

Brine Constituents:

Water Resistivity:

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NEPA-Related Analyses (5)

Below is a list of NEPA-related analyses that have been conducted in the area - and logged on OpenEI. To add an additional NEPA-related analysis, see the NEPA Database.


Document # Analysis
Applicant Application
DOI-BLM-NV-030-06-025-EA EA 8 August 2005 17 July 2006 BLM Geothermal/Exploration
DOI-BLM-NV-W010-2009-0018-CX CX Gradient Resources 19 February 2009 26 February 2009 Bureau of Land Management Geothermal/Exploration
NVN-088208 CU Vulcan Power Company 11 June 2009 12 June 2009 BLM Geothermal/Exploration Ground Gravity Survey
USDA-FS-EA-NV-030-06-025 2007 EA Vulcan Power Company
Western Geothermal Partners
17 April 2007 USFS Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Geothermal/Exploration
USDA-FS-EA-NV-030-06-025 2012 EA 16 February 2012 USFS Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Geothermal/Leasing

Exploration Activities (0)

Below is a list of Exploration that have been conducted in the area - and cataloged on OpenEI. Add.png Add a new Exploration Activity

No exploration activities listed on OpenEI.


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