Analytical Modeling

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Exploration Technique: Analytical Modeling

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Exploration Group: Data and Modeling Techniques
Exploration Sub Group: Modeling Techniques
Parent Exploration Technique: Modeling Techniques
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Analytical Modeling:
A mathematical modeling technique used for simulating, explaining, and making predictions about the mechanisms involved in complex physical processes.
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Analytical models are mathematical models that have a closed form solution. Or in other words the solution to the equations used to describe changes in a system can be expressed as a mathematical analytic function.
Use in Geothermal Exploration
Analytical models were more commonly used up until the 1990s before numerical modeling became possible with the advance in the capabilities and speed of computers. They were used to verify assumptions on the heat and fluid transport in the geothermal system. Currently, analytical modeling is rarely used due to the complexity of the geothermal system.

Data Access and Acquisition
Matching the analytical model solutions with measured data can provide verification of assumptions on the geothermal reservoir.
Best Practices
In analytical modeling it is very important to identify the main factors defining the complex system. Doing this can help provide guidance and what needs to be measured to understand the subsurface processes.
Potential Pitfalls
Analytical modeling can become more complicated if the number of variables solved for increases.

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