Amedee Geothermal Area

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Amedee Geothermal Area
Map: Amedee Geothermal Area
Amedee Geothermal Area Location Map

Area Overview

Geothermal Area Profile

Location: California

Exploration Region: Walker-Lane Transition Zone

GEA Development Phase: Operational"Operational" is not in the list of possible values (Phase I - Resource Procurement and Identification, Phase II - Resource Exploration and Confirmation, Phase III - Permitting and Initial Development, Phase IV - Resource Production and Power Plant Construction) for this property.

Coordinates: 40.29972972815°, -120.20321271973°

Resource Estimate

Mean Reservoir Temp:

Estimated Reservoir Volume:

Mean Capacity:

USGS Mean Reservoir Temp: 115°C388.15 K
239 °F
698.67 °R

USGS Estimated Reservoir Volume: 2 km³ [1]

USGS Mean Capacity: 8 MW [1]

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History and Infrastructure

Operating Power Plants: 1

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Developing Power Projects: 0

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Power Production Profile

Gross Production Capacity:

Net Production Capacity:

Owners  :
  • Amedee Geothermal Venture

Power Purchasers :

Other Uses:

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Regulatory and Environmental Issues

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Exploration History

First Discovery Well

Completion Date:

Well Name:



Initial Flow Rate:
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Flow Test Comment:

Initial Temperature:

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Well Field Description

Well Field Information

Development Area:

Number of Production Wells:

Number of Injection Wells:

Number of Replacement Wells:

Average Temperature of Geofluid: 98°C371.15 K
208.4 °F
668.07 °R

Sanyal Classification (Wellhead): Extremely Low Temperature

Reservoir Temp (Geothermometry):

Reservoir Temp (Measured): 142°C415.15 K
287.6 °F
747.27 °R

Sanyal Classification (Reservoir): Very Low Temperature

Depth to Top of Reservoir: 213 m0.213 km
0.132 mi
698.819 ft
232.939 yd

Depth to Bottom of Reservoir:

Average Depth to Reservoir: 213m0.213 km
0.132 mi
698.819 ft
232.939 yd

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Geology of the Area

Geologic Setting

Tectonic Setting: Extensional Tectonics

Controlling Structure: Displacement Transfer Zone [4]

Topographic Features: Horst and Graben

Brophy Model: Type E: Extensional Tectonic, Fault-Controlled Resource

Moeck-Beardsmore Play Type:

Geologic Features

Modern Geothermal Features: Hot Springs [5]

Relict Geothermal Features: Hydrothermal Deposition [5]

Volcanic Age: No volcanism

Host Rock Age: Mesozoic [6]

Host Rock Lithology: granite; granodiorite [6]

Cap Rock Age: Tertiary [6]

Cap Rock Lithology: volcanic; lacustrine sediments [6]

The Wendel-Amedee geothermal system is located in Honey lake at the junction of three major physiographic provinces: the Basin and Range, the Sierra Nevada, and the Modoc Plateau. Honey Lake basin is a closed basin that contains approximately 600m of volcanic flows and tuffaceous sediment intercalated with sediment from lake Lahontan. The basin is underlain by fractured Mesozoic intrusive granitic rocks.

The geothermal fluids flow under structural control beneath the Honey Lake Valley due to the low permeability of the valley fill, capped by clay-rich material. The fluid circulated to a depth of 2km or more and is heated conductively before rising along NNE trending faults, possibly near the intersection of these faults with a major regional structure which cuts the valley longitudinally along its east side.[5][6]

Geofluid Geochemistry


Salinity (low): 650

Salinity (high): 1300

Salinity (average): 975

Brine Constituents:

Water Resistivity:

Note salinity values below come from: Geochemistry of the Wendel-Amedee Geothermal System, California

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Exploration Activities (0)

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