Climate: monthly and annual average atmospheric pressure GIS data at one-degree resolution of the World from NASA/SSE

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(Abstract):Atmospheric Pressure (kPa)NASA
Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) Release 6.0 Data Set (Nov
2007)22-year Monthly & Annual Average (July 1983 - June 2005)Parameter:
Atmospheric Pressure (kPa)Internet: 1: SSE Methodology &
Accuracy sections onlineNote 2: Lat/Lon values indicate the lower
left corner of a 1x1 degree region. Negative values are south and west;
positive values are north and east. Boundaries of the -90/-180 region
are -90 to -89 (south) and -180 to -179 (west). The last region, 89/180,
is bounded by 89 to 90 (north) and 179 to 180 (east). The mid-point of
the region is +0.5 added to the the Lat/Lon value. These data are
regional averages; not point data.Created: May 13, 2008See
the NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) web site at The source data was downloaded from
the SSE website at the Data Retrieval: Meteorology and Solar Energy >
Global data sets as text files. The tabular data was then converted to
the shapefile format.
(Purpose):  Provide investors and other stakeholders
with reliable, verifiable and accessible information on the solar
resource potential for the data domain.
(Supplemental Information):Spatial Extent: Global Bounding
Coordinates (decimal degrees) South: -90.00, North: 90.00, West:
-180.00, East: 180.00Co-ordinate System: Geographic, Datum: WGS84,
Ellipsoid: WGS84. Polygon shapefile with fields as defined belowID
(mandatory) - I4, unique identifier for each polygonannual
(mandatory) - R4, mean annual value in (kWh/m2/day)jan, feb, mar,
apr, may, jun, jul, aug, sep, oct, nov, dec (optional) - R4, mean
monthly value in (kWh/m2/day)janmin, febmin, marmin, aprmin, maymin,
junmin, julmin, augmin sepmin, octmin, novmin, decmin (optional) - R4,
minimum monthly mean value in (kWh/m2/day)janmax, febmax, marmax,
aprmax, maymax, junmax, julmax, augmax, sepmax, octmax, novmax, decmax
(optional) - R4, maximum monthly mean value in (kWh/m2/day)numyears
(optional) - I4, number of years used in estimate

Source U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE)
Date Released March 31st, 2009 (6 years ago)
Date Updated Unknown

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Level of Review Peer Reviewed

Temporal and Spatial Coverage

Time Period 07/01/1983 - 06/30/2005


License Other or unspecified, see optional comment below
Comment Acknowledgement of the UNEP SWERA Program and NASA Solar Meteorology and Solar Energy would be appreciated in publications and derived products using this data.
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