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MHK Instrumentation & Sensor Community of Practice 1 Discuss topics, questions and answers, and coordinate development and testing activities in areas relevant to instrumentation and sensors. 2015-08-05 Join
Chemical Industry - Market Research Reports 60 1 Chemical Market Reports 2015-07-14 Join
Market Research Reports 20 1 Market Research Reports 2015-06-30 Join
No Battery Wearables 5 3 Wearable IT and communication devices that don't require a battery. 2014-08-12 Join
Federal Bulk Transmission Regulatory Roadmapping 7 4 Develops regulatory roadmaps for federal and state permitting of bulk transmission development. 2014-08-07 Join
Solar Permitting Roadmap Development 68 7 Develops regulatory roadmaps for federal and state permitting of utility-scale solar energy development. 2014-08-07 Join
2014 Geothermal Case Study Challenge 13 3 Narrative and Data Templates for 2014 Student Geothermal Case Study Challenge. 2014-01-24 Join
Buildings 16 8 This group is dedicated to discussions about green buildings, energy use in buildings, occupant comfort in buildings, and building technologies. 2013-09-25 Join
Renewable Energy RFPs 198 34 Find renewable energy financial opportunities. 2013-08-05 Join
Future of Condition Monitoring for Wind Turbines 125 5 Research into third party software to aid in the development of better CMS in order to raise turbine efficiency 2013-07-30 Join
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