United States Department of Energy to distribute $27 million to simplify solar energy adoption

Though the use of solar energy offers a number of benefits to homeowners and developers alike—including rebates, tax incentives, and lower utility costs over the long run—the often complicated and expensive administrative process required before installation can be completed is a major deterrent. Obtaining financing is another challenge that keeps would-be adopters at bay. To simplify the process and facilitate the integration of solar energy technology into communities across the nation, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) will distribute $27 million in funding to programs designed to directly address and alleviate these challenges.

Funding will be distributed through the DOE’s “SunShot” initiative and will be divided between two key programs:
  • The Rooftop Solar Challenge program ($12.5 million) is designed to provide local governments with incentives to devise solutions to the problems that plague the permit and installation process.
  • The Balance of Systems Costs funding opportunity ($15 million over three years) will focus on improving coding models, creating information technology tools, and developing regulatory solutions for local governments.
Both programs will work to standardize processes while reducing the costs and paperwork associated with obtaining permits for and installing solar energy technology.