Hybrid Cars: Cleaner than Jogging?

What could be more green than choosing to walk, jog, or ride a bike? By cutting out motorized transportation, you completely remove CO2 emissions, right? However, findings by a physiology professor at the University of Milan conclude that 4 four men running, walking, or riding a bicycle actually emit more CO2 than new hybrid vehicles.

The study is not meant to deter people from going outside and exercising, or choosing to walk rather than drive. It is more to illustrate how clean hybrid cars have become. And, its important to note that the four men emit fewer Co2 emissions than diesel and gasoline cars.

There are a few confounding variables in the professor's findings. First, the findings do not illustrate the amount of CO2 emitted by the 4 men emitted at rest, which would add to the emissions of a hybrid vehicle carrying passengers. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the findings do not take into account the CO2 emitted during manufacture of hybrid cars.

The response? The study did not take into account the amount of food consumed to produce energy in the four men. Accurate or not, it is impressive to see how clean hybrid cars have become.

Image and article from Cleantechies Blog