Find Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Incentives on OpenEI

Thousands of incentives support energy efficiency and renewable energy. Finding the ones that apply to you can be overwhelming. To help, OpenEI maintains an ever-evolving database of incentives and gives you many ways to find what you need.

Start at the Incentives Gateway. Here you'll find links to incentives by sector (biomass, geothermal, etc.), type (financial or rules, regulations, and policies), and focus (renewable energy or energy efficiency). Use the Incentive Drilldown link to browse more choices. To handle large sets of incentives, download a comma-delimited Microsoft Excel file.

If you're looking for a particular incentive, try the Incentive Search function. Use the drop-down menus to select one or more of the search characteristics: category, state, and incentive type. For example, if you search for personal tax credits in New York, you'll find the Refundable Clean Heating Fuel Tax, Solar and Fuel Cell Tax Credit, and Green Building Tax Credit Program.

The OpenEI incentives database is updated frequently. If you know of an incentive that's not in the database, add it using the Financial Incentive or Rules, Regulations, and Policies forms.