Easier to 'Get Involved' on OpenEI

Peg board setImage via WikipediaPromoting a crowd-sourced website means the community of users must be able to get acclimated quickly -- in the case of OpenEI, learning how to use the wiki-based platform.

OpenEI introduces the "Get Involved" tab, found on the mainpage, and subsequent "Get Involved" page, where no matter your status in wiki-based knowledge, you can launch yourself into OpenEI editing and contributing.

The "Get Involved" section divides users into 3 groups based on their background and interest in using the site:

1. Newbies: New to OpenEI
2. Content Developers: Familiar with wiki, interested in finding where best to contribute.
3. Industry Professionals: In possession of valuable data and/or information.

Visit the OpenEI "Get Involved" page, and start making valuable contributions to a rapidly growing energy website.