Disposing of old garbage trucks

In France, the traditional diesel-powered garbage trucks that have roamed the streets collecting trash for many years will be replaced by quiet, all-electric garbage trucks starting next week.

The trucks are zero-emission vehicles, built in France, and will also greatly reduced engine noise, something that has bothered neighborhoods in the past. And, the new trucks will not sacrifice any performance by going electric. They will be able to pack in as much trash as the previous generation.

The first town that will see the all-electric trucks is Courbevoie, France, a town of 70,000 people that will receive their electric trucks on May 12th.

The power of the vehicle is in its lithium-ion batteries, capable of running for 8 hours off of a charge, and created by Dow Kokam, a division of Dow Chemical. The state-of-the art, clean engine will be complemented by new onboard technology, such as a built-in computer screen so drivers can see workers gathering trash in the back.