Britain boosting advanced Offshore wind with grants

Britain is speeding up the development of offshore wind technologies through $15 million in grants attained by Britain's Department of Energy and Climate change. The grant money will go to 8 companies with Siemens, offshore wind leader, receiving half of the money while the other seven companies receive the rest.

Underwater power cable maker JDR Cable Systems Limited will receive $3 million to develop cables suitable for next-generation, multi-megawatt wind turbines. This will supplement an earlier $16.7 million investment for the company’s efforts to manufacture high voltage sub-sea cables. Also, power conversion expert Converteam will receive around $1.5 million to develop large-scale direct current conversion technology. Magnet generator develper NGenTec will get about $1.2 million to create and demonstrate a 6-MW generator for offshore wind turbines.

Britain has both great offshire wind potential, as well as the largest amount of offshore wind projects in the world. Currently, Britain estimates 1 GW of offshore wind power potential. The 1 GW of power comes from 12 offshore wind farms around Britain's coast.

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